Oravet Dental Chews

We all struggle with brushing our animals teeth (yes, even us your veterinary team who recommend that you brush your pets teeth daily-even we struggle with it!). There are now a wide variety of products on the market that offer dental support, claiming to freshen breath and clean teeth while fighting plaque and tartar buildup. These products vary in form ranging from supplements that can be added to their water all the way to a fun chewy treat. Well now South Bay Veterinary Clinic is proud to introduce a wonderful new one of a kind veterinary exclusive dental chew called OraVet that is clinically proven to not only fight halitosis (bad breath) calculus, and plaque build up- but prevent the reoccurrence of halitosis, plaque and calculus build up.

OraVet dental hygiene chews "serious oral care made simple". This is a treat with a chewy exterior and a soft dissolvable interior, that is offered to your animal daily. The treat is very palatable so even the pickiest dogs will love it! On the inside of this treat is a highly dissolvable active ingredient called delmopinol. This product works by creating a barrier that will inhibit bacterial attachment, the development of plaque biofilms, and the production of the volatile sulfur compounds that can cause halitosis. While the delmopinol melts and works its way through your dogs mouth the scrubbing action of the chewy exterior of the treat will help mechanically break up plaque and calculus allowing the delmopinol to reach every crevasse in your dogs mouth.There were over three dozen both human and animal clinical trials that have proven the efficacy of delmopinol. Within 56 days 42% of plaque , 54% of calculus, and 53% of halitosis were reduced significantly.

We have officially given our stamp of approval to this new product and we are all very excited to see all of the progress and those clean shiny teeth!