“My husband and I have been bringing our ferret to South Bay for about 5 years (we have since gotten a second ferret who also goes there). Dr. Bowater and staff are all extremely competent and gentle with both of our furbabies. Dr. Bowater also has a lot of experience with ferrets which is a big plus! We have had nothing but pleasant experiences with them! Highly recommend!”

“I have had dogs and cats almost all my life. I have never had a veterinary clinic I have loved more. The vet techs are fabulous. They all take a personal interest in their patients and their owners and are more than helpful. They care and will do just about anything to accommodate their clients' needs. Several times, they have come in on their own time to let me know test results or take a needed test. Dr. Bowater is the same. She is outstanding in her profession and good natured with a great sense of humor. When my dog had her first litter, Dr. Bowater came to the house to check the pups and give them shots. The second litter was a little more complicated. When my dog was in labor that did not seem to progress, she had us come to her clinic and when it was determined that a section was needed, not only did she deliver all the puppies safe and sound, but she remained calm and consoling when I was crazed. I love everyone at this practice and would recommend them to anyone. You couldn't do better!”

Pamela Howell

“I have been going to this vet for a few years now and know someone who has been going here longer than that. I am happy with this place. I've always been treated with kindness and respect. As far as pricing goes, I have gone to vets with overly high prices, but as far as I can tell, this place is reasonable. In all my time coming to this vet, I've never been given a reason to switch to another vet.”

Njamin Senecal

“Time and again I am blown away by the treatment and professionalism at South Bay. I recently suspected my dog had a UTI and not only did they get me in next day at a time that worked for me, but they also tested his urine while I waited for our appointment. When it turned out everything was fine they were all so sweet and professional, there is nowhere else I will ever bring my dog.”

Chelsea Morin

“Dr. Bowater and her staff are absolutely wonderful! I decided to change vets in hopes of finding one that would have a better “bedside manner” as us nurses call it. Well let me tell you this vet office definitely has it. Very caring and professional, I was so pleased at how they treated my rambunctiousness 75 lbs love of a pittie mix Fiona. We come from Warwick which is about a 25 minute drive, and it’s well worth it! Thank you all for the care you took of my girl yesterday at our first appointment.”

Michelle D.

“I have been going there for 20 years Dr. Bowater and Sharon are awesome! They are kind, considerate and knowledgeable. They take great care of your cherished pets!”

Kim S.

“Thank you so much for seeing Ariel so promptly. She is responding to medication and is a much happier dog. The dedication of the entire office staff to the welfare of our pets is exemplary.”

Deborah C.

“I am very happy with South Bay, Dr. Bowater and the whole staff are helpful and sympathetic with their patients and the patients family. This is the second Pup that I take to South Bay. The only place I would take my precious little fur baby. They were helpful and supporting of me and my dog that I lost last year. She had a brain tumor and died at 6 years old. It was heart breaking, but I got another little one and she is also going to South Bay. I know I can count on them to care for my "babies" like I would want them treated. They are always helpful and cheerful.”

Mariann M.

“Dr. Hannafin and his assistants were very helpful and thorough. I brought my Golden in for an unknown injury. I appreciated Dr. Hannafin's explaining to me what he was looking for and the treatment my dog received.”

Amy B.

“This is a very special veterinary practice. Dr. Bowater has treated my dog for many years and kept her in the best of health. Her staff, especially Sharon and Talia, are extraordinarily personable, skilled and knowledgeable. I would recommend South Bay to anyone who wants to provide the very best care for their pet(s).”

Louise M.

“Treated like family, Dr. Bowater and staff have treated my three dogs over the last eight years. Always able to see my dogs at the last minute. Very supportive when my 16.5 year old dog, JD was put to sleep.”

William M.

“Dr. Bowater and staff as always get us right in with whatever issues we have. I've been using Caroline since 2002 or so, she has treated 27 rescue ferrets, all my dogs and cats. I trust her judgement completely.”

Leslie C.