Meet the Staff of South Bay Veterinary Clinic

Sharon tedesco of south bay veterinary clinic

Sharon Tedesco
Head Veterinary Technician /  Practice Manager

Graduated from University of Rhode Island in 1994 with a degree in pre–veterinary science. She has been with SBVC since 1997 ...yes, you heard that correctly! She is definitely considered to be the old timer on the block! She lives with her husband Dave and their 6 yr old  son, Eli. In her free time Sharon is an avid runner and will go for miles. Their menagerie of animals includes 3 dogs - Gracie,Georgia and Pete. 2 cats – Ducky and Birdie. They also have 3 tortoises, affectionately named Sprinkles,Sprite and Sprout!

Talia at South Bay Veterinary Clinic

Talia Verrecchia
Veterinary Technician

Talia is a licensed veterinary technician.She earned her degree from New England Institute of Technology in March 2014. She started in September 2013 as an intern and  has been with us ever since. Not only is Talia an excellant licensed vet tech but she also has an eye for decorating - Halloween being her favorite!!   Talia is the proud owner of Linus the cat,Ron Burgundy the Havanese and Huck...her lab mix!

Jared Smith of south bay veterinary clinic

Jared Smith
Veterinary Assistant

Jared graduated from University of Rhode Island majoring in pre veterinary science and computer science. He has been with us since 2015. He has a passion for animals and computers and plans to go into bio-technology. Jared's favorite interests are in diagnostic testing, 3D-imaging and 3D-printing. He loves his music and loves to exercise. His family dog is named Eddy.- a chocolate lab rescue from MS.

Leslie of south bay veterinary clinic.

Lesley Howard
Veterinary Assistant

Lesley is a University of Rhode Island Graduate with degrees in both animal science and wildlife/conservation. She began with us in 2011 and has been with us on and off ever since. Lesley is the proud mother of Ryker the Alaskan Malamute. She has a passion for avian ecology and plans on pursuing graduate school. In her free time she enjoys backpacking, yoga, and spending time outdoors.

julie of south bay veterinary clinic

Julia Kurtcher
College Intern / Veterinary Assistant

Julia graduated from University of Rhode Island in May 2019 with a degree in pre-veterinary science. During the summer she lifeguards at Charlestown Beach. She also is an avid runner and swimmer! Julia is currently in her first year of veterinary school attending University of Edinburgh, Scotland. She will continue to work with us during her vacation time. Congratulations!

cat at south bay veterinary clinic

Office Cat

Chilly was rescued by the Animal Rescue League of Rhode Island from a hoarding situation a few years ago. Due to his hoarding background he has some very quirky habits such as stealing and hiding keys and pens! However, his most favorite things in the whole world are food and a clean litter-box to roll in. He is head of our IT department, our top security guard, the office thief and our best paper weight. He has a bright, loving, warm and affectionate personality. Even clients with cat allergies cannot help but pet and love him. He is a very special team member

Cat at south bay veterinary clinic

Office Cat

Our pretty kitty Sophie came to us several years ago as a wee little baby only a couple of days old. She was hand raised by one of our technicians. When she was 8 weeks old she moved into the clinic where she was then raised by our clinic cat Whiskers who taught her all she needed to know about being a cat. He passed down several lessons to her such as, "be as pushy and annoying as possible and the human will eventually give in and give you some of their food". Sophie is a very refined, sassy, sophisticated feline. She spends most of her time sleeping in the cat room on her thrown. Some of her favorite hobbies include playing with bottle caps and hunting the occasional office fly.