My First Cat!

I was thinking the other day about my first pet ..the one that was really " all mine". I found him,I fed him,I talked my parents into having him and he lived happily with us for many years.Even travelling from England to USA when my family moved here in 1976.
As a young child living in London we had a World War 2 air raid shelter in our garden that my mother used as a garden shed.It was on the roof top of that shelter that I met my first cat .He was young,shy,stray,skinny and all black.I would sit with him each day,bring him food,water and milk.Always disappointed when he was not there. As time went on he started to trust me and our bond was formed.I named him Purry for the obvious reason....he never stopped purring !!
For 18 years,Purry and I shared a human/animal favorite memories of him were when we used to go for walks together..he tended to follow me everywhere! I was a senior in high school when my buddy curled up in his favorite outdoor sunning spot and crossed that rainbow bridge.He gave me the gift of friendship and I will never forget that!

Share with us the name and story of your first pet... we would love to hear about it