Chocolate Toxicosis

Valentines Day is today and with it, amongst other things, comes chocolate. Most owners are aware that chocolate is not a good  dietary choice for their animals...however, your pets might  think differently! Especially dogs..cats tend not to engage in chocolate binging!

The problem with chocolate is it contains  theobromine and caffeine. Processed chocolate, used for candies and baking, tend to have  the higher concentrations...where as milk chocolate has lesser amounts. No matter which chocolate of choice your pet ingests, all of them have the potential to cause medical issues. It really depends on the amount ingested, the size of the animal, the type of chocolate and how quickly, if even necessary, medical treatment is started.

Systems that can be affected are cardiovascular,gastrointestinal,respiratory,neurological and renal. Typical clinical signs are vomiting and diarrhea,nervousness,excitement and panting. Advanced signs can lead to cardiac failure,weakness,coma and death.

If your animal does "share" your chocolate with you,it is important not to panic.Lets say your Yorkie eats a Hershey's kiss, perhaps your  Labradoodle has a taste for a couple of  truffles or your Newfie indulges on a few peanut butter cups.... the chances are they will enjoy there little sweet treat with no problems!

We  always advise you to give us a call  at 401 783 - 5250 if you are concerned or have any questions .The ASPCA  Poison Control Center at 888 426-4435  is available for consult 24 hrs

It is important to be proactive but not to panic!

Happy Valentines Day to you and your pets....lets keep the chocolate away from our animal friends!