Client Chat

“I have been a client of South Bay Veterinary Clinic for many years. In 2007, our cat Leo, was diagnosed with diabetes. Diabetes is a disease that can be managed in animals but can be tricky. Dr. Bowater and her professional staff saw us through the many ups and downs of Leo’s condition. They were there for us night and day for four years offering sound and practical advice as well as emotional support. Many of my friends are clients of the practice and have nothing but the highest praise. We would be hard pressed to find a better Veterinarian than Caroline Bowater, her right hand tech and manager, Sharon and the rest of their hard working staff…they were like family…than you South Bay Vet!”

Jeanne and Alan Tsakeres
June 2011

“I’ve used South Bay Veterinary Clinic since before Dr. Bowater started her own practice. She’s compassionate, caring, always listens to my concerns, and when I had 22 rescue ferrets I had a lot of concerns! She has no ego; when she’s unsure, she researches or calls in other vets. When I want to try a new protocol/treatment with my ferrets (and their care requirements are constantly changing as new diseases and treatments are developed) she LISTENS and gives me her opinion. She’s never steered me wrong and I trust her judgement implicitly. She’s a fantastic surgeon with the common ferret diseases, insulinoma, adrenal disease and enlarged spleens. She’s saved more than one of my ferrets when I believe others would have given up, or told me to give up. She still cares for my ferrets, my two dogs (one who is completely neurotic and a pain in the butt to treat) and my cat. When I told her we were thinking of getting an alpaca and some goats, she said she’d come to the house to see them. I live out in Foster on the Connecticut line and drive an hour to her office in Narragansett, she’s THAT GOOD! Her staff is exceptionally professional and friendly. She gets FIVE STARS from me :-)”

Leslie C.
June 2011


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